Leadheads Is A Xbox One Gaming Community

Leadheads are a passionate bunch of gamers who love to get together and play games; primarily focusing on FPSs such as Call of Duty and Titanfall, but will jump at the chance to have some crazed Pebble battles or building castles in Minecraft!



We have several players with competitive experience and will be in several tournaments throughout the 2014 season!



Even through frustation, We respect each other and treat each other as a unified family of camper-haters.


Xbox One

We have several players with competitive experience and will be in several tournaments throughout the 2014 season!



We're somewhat active on twitter - why not give us a follow? @leadheadsclan

So who are the LeadHeads?


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Thump is the president of leadheads and has been playing CoD since CoD2. Also plays Halo, GoW, Titanfall, and has a soft spot for RPGs.


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College student gamer who mainly plays FPS games. Been playing COD since the first Modern Warfare and goes to college at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. I am the recruiting officer for the clan and been here since March of 2013.


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Gamer bum who plays when he can.... Plays fps's, rpg's, and racing sims.. Been a leadhead since may 13.


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Lunch is one of the oldest members of leadheads. Likes to play Forza among several other games.


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I'm 19 nearly 20, been a leadhead since summer of 13...I think it was around August/July/September...I love Thump, Seraphim, Verify, Lunchbox, Marine, Baxter, and Satellite....oh I guess Corn is ok sometimes as well...(:


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College student gamer that plays mostly fps games. I work at a welding shop and getting married in a year. I live in louisiana and I love to duck hunt. Other than that I play call of duty with my boy seraphim LH.


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College gamer who plays when I have the time. Have been playing CoD since CoD4 and I've been a Leadhead since August 2013.


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Oldest member of the clan but, I have the Marine Corps mentality to hang with the young guys. Play what ever we need to play. Been playing COD since Black Ops. Been a member since Oct 2013.


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Retired soldier,(so im old)/and a College student at KSU, (so I can keep up with the young bucks). Been playing FPS since Counter Strike, Been playing COD since CoD4,and have been a Leadhead since January 2014. I love most any game types but I prefer FPS's and RPG's.


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College student. Been a member of leadheads since early December 2013. I play all game types, mainly fps, rpg, and sports games. Played COD since COD4MW.


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Middle aged gamer that does what he can to keep up with the new generation. Been playing CoD since original modern warfare. I deal with simulator sickness on some games so find me if you need help with that. Leadhead since Nov 13'


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I'm 35 and have been playing since Cod4. Only play one game Call of duty. Started playing with LH in October 2013. Enjoy this group of people and level of play.


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I'm 18 and my interest are lacrosse, fitness, computers and taking long walks on the beach. I'm also starting college soon and started with LH around March 2014. I play types of games but fps is my bread and butter.


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Twenty-something gamer, car enthusiast, comics enthusiast, fitness fanatic. Just living the dream.


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I am a early 20 year old gamer who enjoys playing CoD and been playing since MW2. I am attending college in Texas and work part time as pizza delivery. I like to play League of Legends and collect comics in my spare time.


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Rodeo engineer extraordinaire, I play a variety of games including FPSs (COD, Titanfall), fighting games (Killer Instinct, MK9, Injustice) and various RPGS and action games. The HYPE IS REAL


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Full-time Ninjaneer since birth, gamer since the Atari 2600. Kaboom was the shizz yo! I enjoy FPS games such as COD, Titanfall, and TF2, but Halo is my favorite. Leadhead since August 2014.


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Pais plays games and stuff.


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Senior in highschool. Ive been gaming since i was 3 or 4 years old I mainly play fps such as battlefield and cod, I also play rpgs and racing games. I love hunting and a little fishin, but my true love is baseball (go Braves whoop whoop).. if something bad happens dont be afraid to say #blameVapor everybody else does...

Want to play?

We're always looking for new people to play with!

The member's list above this section links to the entire clan's gamertags - get us added and make sure to send us a message on XBL telling us you're looking to be a leadhead. Go to the forums by clicking here - Take a minute or two and make a new post about yourself and include your gamertag! If you can't figure out the forums, ask one of us through XBL!

Some of us are fanatics that will be on a ton - we just ask you get on and play with us with some consistency - if you have a tough schedule but still love gaming, we'll make it work! We typically want to play with you, depending on your activity, for 1-2 weeks before officially making you a leadhead - make sure we're the right fit for you as well!



We are talkative, both in callouts / strategy and general just talking as friends - make sure you speak up, we want to get to know you!



Make sure you at least look at the forums to see what's new with the clan - often we'll post about events, get togethers, news from games and more here - don't be afraid to post!



We are a 18 or older clan, if you're younger we may give you a chance, however we are focused on being as mature as a group of guys can be.



We do not have a k/d requirement nor an experience requirement but we do ask you are willing to learn how we work and are willing to improve in all facets of the game - winning is fun :)

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